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The Federal Government’s capabilities are organized into Emergency Support Functions (ESFs) to facilitate and coordinate the Federal Response to Presidentially declared disasters. Of the fifteen (15) ESFs, The Department of the Interior (DOI) provides emergency response support through Emergency Support Function (ESF) #11 Agriculture and Natural Resources, which is a part of the United States Government’s National Response Framework. The capabilities described in ESF #11 aim to provide support to Federal, State, Tribal, and Territorial partners in protecting natural and cultural resources and historic properties (NCR) in the event of a declared disaster. The Environmental Response and Recovery Team (ERR Team), with other offices and bureaus within DOI such as the Office of Emergency Management (OEM), works in conjunction with Federal and non-Federal partners to manage the planning and response capabilities of ESF #11. The ERR Team is available to offer advice and guidance on preparedness and emergency response through the contact list on the ERR Team website.

Protection of Natural & Cultural Resources & Historic Properties 

The United States Department of the Interior (DOI) is the primary federal agency for the implementation of Emergency Support Function (ESF) #11 Protection of Natural & Cultural Resources & Historic Properties (NCH). DOI was selected to lead ESF #11 NCH as it possesses the necessary expertise and capabilities to accomplish the mission of this role within found under the ESF. ESF #11 NCH also consists of appropriate support agencies which partner with DOI in accomplishing this mission.

Once a Presidential Disaster Declaration has been issued, DOI works in tandem with FEMA, USDA and our support agencies and non-federal partners to coordinate response activities to assist Federal, State, Tribal, and Territorial partners in addressing natural and cultural resource concerns on non-federal lands. DOI may deploy personnel to the area impacted, as well as provide the necessary technical expertise required to safeguard NCH resources.

DOI coordinates with its network of partners and support agencies to monitor the current situation, provide assistance where requested, and identify staff who are available to respond to the disaster.

ESF #11 NCH Support Agencies Include: 


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