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Workplace Culture

We work to create a culture that listens to employees, supports their needs, empowers them to succeed, and acknowledges their contributions to our mission. We promote transparency through weekly all-employee calls to share information and to answer questions. We seek employee feedback through voluntary, confidential workplace culture interviews. We encourage innovation by offering employees training on topics like human-centered design and servant leadership. We encourage all employees to develop new skills through online learning and classroom instruction. We offer special emphasis programs to help employees learn about the importance of diversity, equity, and inclusion in the workplace and beyond. We believe that a diverse, empowered, engaged workforce improves both individual and organizational performance. And when "We Excel, Native America Prospers."

Our Workforce

The Bureau of Trust Funds Administration employs over 400 people in a variety of positions. Most of our employees work in small field offices or virtual home offices located throughout Indian country. Large office locations include our headquarters in Washington, DC, our operations facility in Albuquerque, NM, and our underground, secure Tribal document archive in Lenexa, KS.

Since we provide banking and investment services to Native Americans who earn money from trust assets on Federally managed lands, many positions we hire relate to financial management and accounting. We also employ archivists and records management specialists to operate our Tribal document archive, as well as administrative positions to support work throughout the Bureau.

Common Positions

The most common positions we hire are described in more detail below. We also encourage you to explore careers throughout the Department of the Interior, learn about the many benefits available to Federal employees, and search for jobs.

Accounting Technician

  • Prepare financial documents for trust fund account transactions and account maintenance
  • Classify and code transactions for input of financial data into automated accounting systems
  • Assist, research, and provide beneficiary contact services
  • Perform office and records management duties

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Fiduciary Trust Officer

  • Research and resolve Indian trust related issues to benefit Indian trust beneficiaries
  • Ensure that Indian fiduciary trust assets are protected and prudently managed
  • Collaborate with Bureau of Indian Affairs managers to confirm that Indian trust funds are received and distributed to Indian beneficiaries in a timely fashion
  • Use working knowledge of surface and sub-surface trust assets (grazing, farm/pasture, business leases, minerals contracts/leases, water rights, timber sales contracts) to ensure that the Department of the Interior’s fiduciary obligations are met, while affirming that the use of the assets supports the beneficial owner’s intended usage

Information Technology Specialist (Customer Support)

  • Diagnose and resolve customer-reported incidents and requests
  • Install, configure, upgrade, and troubleshoot software and hardware on employee workstations
  • Update and maintain problem tracking/ticketing systems to track and identify employee needs
  • Evaluate the effectiveness of customer support services and the impact to services of proposed information technology initiatives

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  • Conduct financial management studies involving analyzing complex, interrelated administrative processes and budgetary, financial, procurement, and property management functions
  • Review and evaluate financial systems for effectiveness of internal controls and the integrity of the organization’s financial information
  • Analyze processing flows, integrate external systems interfaces and internal subsystem modules, and recommend improvements in control techniques
  • Review data in reports and financial statements and identify abnormal trends and control weaknesses

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  • Perform program performance audits and/or internal control and compliance reviews
  • Audit program effectiveness to find out if it achieves the desired result or benefits required by regulation or other authorization; the effectiveness of the organization, program, function, and/or activities; and the adequacy of management controls and factors hindering satisfactory performance
  • Review and analyze fieldwork results and develop draft and final reports with conclusions, findings, and recommended corrective actions to address deficiencies identified in the trust asset management functions or program being reviewed
  • Draft accurate reports in accordance with Generally Accepted Government Auditing standards and as management directs

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Records and Information Management Specialist

  • Ensure that historical Indian trust real estate, land title, income, trust fund records, and other permanent trust records are protected and safeguarded
  • Schedule and organize records and information management modernization, perform research, and develop and evaluate criteria and methodologies to confirm that programs are effective and regulatory compliant
  • Coordinate, develop, and issue records and information management regulations, policies, and procedures based on records management lifecycle concepts and standards and provide technical assistance to Department staff and Tribal members
  • Deliver specialized training to Department staff and Tribal members about implementing and properly maintaining records and information management regulations, policies, procedures, and guidance on all aspects of the records and information lifecycle

Archives Technician

  • Process requests for copies of documents received from a variety of sources
  • Identify and locate records to obtain requested information for authorized requesters, and prepare correspondence to answer requests that involve searching records of more than one creating office/bureau, multiple record series, or types of records
  • Analyze and evaluate research requests to ensure that the provided information is complete and properly identified and has all authorized signatures and account numbers

Management and Program Analyst

  • Assess risk to ensure that control activities are properly designed and implemented and to identify possible gaps in internal control systems
  • Monitor indicators, review audit and test results, and provide alternatives and recommendations to managers to resolve identified issues
  • Conduct interviews and develop and administer questionnaires to ensure that managers are aware of the compliance requirements for their program and that related control activities have been implemented through policies and procedures
  • Draft brief and clear documents and reports using data for executive and senior management from the automated tools, information obtained during testing, and other sources

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How to Apply

All Federal jobs are advertised on the USAJobs website, where you can narrow your search by using keywords like agency (such as the Department of the Interior), occupation (such as Accountant, IT Specialist), and location. Some announcements are only open to select groups (like current employees and/or Native Americans), so make sure to verify your eligibility before applying. The USAJobs website lists eligibility information under the heading "This job is open to."

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