HHLRA Land Settlement

Status of the Hawaiian Home Lands Recovery Act Land Settlement


The 1995  App D Hhl Recovery Act In Doi Hhca Reference Guide 2018 [pdf]
 (HHLRA) provides, in part, for the settlement of claims against the United States through the exchange and transfer of Federal lands for the United States' continued retention of lands initially designated as available lands under the Hawaiian Homes Commission Act, 1920, as amended, and for the lost use of such lands.

On August 31, 1998, the United States, by the Secretary of the U.S. Department of the Interior, and the State of Hawai‘i, by its Governor and Department of Hawaiian Home Lands (DHHL), by the Chairman of the Hawaiian Homes Commission, executed a 19980831 Hhlra Moa Signed [pdf]
(MOA) which, in part, identified the Federal lands the parties agreed to exchange and transfer towards satisfying the HHLRA settlement.

In 2000, the United States and DHHL entered into a 20001030 Hhlra La Signed [pdf]
as provided in the MOA with respect to the Waipahū FCC Monitoring Site which was not conveyed by the August 31, 2000 deadline, thus resulting in a $16.9 million credit (in August 1998 dollars) to DHHL.

In a 2011 Navy To Dhhl Halawa Laundry [pdf]
, the U.S. Navy advised DHHL that despite its remediation efforts, the Hālawa Laundry site could not be made suitable for residential use and conveyance to DHHL would include restrictions on its use. In its 2011 Dhhl To Navy Halawa Laundry Credit [pdf]
, DHHL proposed replacing the site with an additional credit. To date, no additional modification to the MOA has been executed.


The Federal lands agreed upon and their respective conveyance status are summarized in the table below.

Federal Lands Identified in the MOA to Settle Claims
Conveyance Status
Date Parcel Island Acres Status
Mar. 1999 Mānana Housing O‘ahu 20 Completed
Jul. 1999 Omega Station - Ha‘ikū O‘ahu 167 147 acres conveyed; 20 acres remain
Apr. 2000 ‘Upolu Point Hawai‘i 38 Completed
Dec. 2002 Barbers Point Raceway O‘ahu 16 Completed
Jul. 2008 Kalaeloa - Former BPNAS O‘ahu 586 Completed
Oct. 2008 Lualualei Buffer O‘ahu 27 Completed
Jul. 2009 ‘Ewa Drum O‘ahu 56 Completed
N/A Waipahū FCC Monitoring Site O‘ahu 47 LOA provided $16.9 million credit in lieu of transfer. In June 2021, credit reduced to $6.9 million with transfer of the Former Pacific Tsunami Warning Center site.
June 2021 Former Pacific Tsunami Warning Center Site O‘ahu 80 Reduced Waipahū FCC Monitoring site credit by $10 million
N/A Hālawa Laundry O‘ahu 3 To be determined



The Land Into Hhl Trust Review Process Onhr [pdf]
outlines the steps involved to identify and convey Federal lands to satisfy the outstanding credit.



Documents linked above in the order of reference:

App D Hhl Recovery Act In Doi Hhca Reference Guide 2018 [pdf]

19980831 Hhlra Moa Signed [pdf]

20001030 Hhlra La Signed [pdf]

2011 Navy To Dhhl Halawa Laundry [pdf]

2011 Dhhl To Navy Halawa Laundry Credit [pdf]

Land Into Hhl Trust Review Process Onhr [pdf]


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