U.S. Federal Survey of Hawaiian Home Lands

The U.S. Department of the Interior, through its Office of Native Hawaiian Relations (ONHR) and Bureau of Land Management (BLM) Cadastral Survey Program, with the cooperation and assistance of the State of Hawai‘i Department of Hawaiian Home Lands, is conducting a boundary survey of Hawaiian home lands, including the exterior boundaries and boundaries of inholdings.

Trust Land Boundary Surveys:

  • Put up a virtual fence to help prevent Hawaiian home lands being used by federal, state, and local governments and private entities without permission.
  • Generate a genealogical record of the land that will allow everyone to see how Trust lands came into or left the Trust.
  • Generate a powerful database tool to help with good Trust land management decisions and to allow the U.S. Bureau of Land Management to defend the boundaries of the Trust.
Surveyor on mountain with surveying equipment

Scope of Work (What type of work is included in a survey?)

The Department of the Interior and its contractors will seek to identify and mark the exterior boundaries of each homestead area (not individual lots) by identifying and marking the exterior boundary lines of the homestead (e.g., Nānākuli, Waimānalo, Waiʻanae, Keaukaha, etc...).  This is accomplished by:

  1. Researching all title(s) of origin and investigating all necessary land records to determine exact legal boundaries as first recorded.
  2. Ascertaining the actual location of HHL boundaries on the ground by marking the exterior boundaries, boundaries of inholdings of the HHL parcels, and related rights-of-way, noting any encroachments, exceptions, and abuses.
  3. Providing the necessary data and information to list each parcel in the BLM official land records system.

These Federal Authority boundaries will be defended by the United States and can be relied upon by Federal agencies and courts. They will support keeping Hawaiian home lands intact and the protection of, and investments in, the Hawaiian Home Lands Trust.

Homesteads Currently Being Surveyed

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