Step 3: Notification

Invitation to Consult

Implementation of the Consultation Plan typically begins with a notification or invitation to the NHC to begin consultation on the Action. Invitations and notices can take several forms, including but not limited to notices in local newspapers or government publications, letters to NHC leaders, or electronic or telephonic communication to NHC leaders.

Regardless of the mode, notifications or invitations should contain sufficient information that:

  • Describes the Action and its scope;
  • Describes how the comments received from the NHC will be used by the Office;
  • Provides supporting information and materials (FAQs, maps, weblinks to reports or studies, etc.);
  • Provides a point-of-contact email, telephone, and mailing address for general questions and written input;
  • Provides the date(s) and time(s) for the consultation meeting(s). Sufficient time should be provided to interested parties and the date of the (first, if there are several) consultation meeting should be no less than 30-days from the date of the notice or invitation. If exceptional circumstances prevent notice within 30 days of the consultation, an explanation for the abbreviated notification should be provided. The Office may contact NHC leaders to determine their availability for consultation meetings in order to increase the effectiveness of the meeting(s).
  • Provides the location(s) of the consultation meeting(s) if in-person meetings will be conducted; or provides the telephonic or video call-in information if consultation will be conducted remotely; and
  • Provides the deadline date and time for receipt of written comments.

At a minimum, notifications and invitations to consult shall be sent to the NHO List and HBA List posted to

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