Step 7: Reporting

Notice and Dissemination

Reporting back to the NHC is one of the most important steps in effective consultation. Regardless of whether the final decision on the Action aligns or conflicts, in whole or in part, with the input provided by the NHC, participating parties should always be afforded the opportunity to see how their input was utilized in the decision-making process. The Consultation Report may be its own stand-alone report, or it may be integrated into another document. Oftentimes when published concurrent with the notice of final decision, the Consultation Report will reference how comments were considered and affected any aspects of the decision-making.

The Office must post the Consultation Report on its website or send it to the participating parties. The Office must also include a copy of the Consultation Report in the Action’s administrative record.


Key:  While reporting is listed as the seventh and final step in the consultation process, this does not preclude the Office from reporting out at any other time(s) in the process. If the Office concludes that the consultation process will be enhanced by reporting out prior to Step 7, the Office may do so.

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